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For reference in this blog: Chip is my Son, and Carolyn is my Sister.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Work Started

My son, Chip and I have started new work on the Hanger/Shop (Nov 3, 2011). The goal is to:

Finish Move/Install of the Water Heater and Pressure Tank
  • DONE
  • 100% 
Buy and Finish Installing Kitchen and Laundry Cabinets
  • Cabinets Specified and Purchased
  • Cabinets have arrived, 3 are on backorder
  • Cook Top on Order
  • All Cabinets Received, Counter Top Later
  • Installed Upper in Laundry, Install Most Upper in Kitchen
  • Finished Installing all Kitchen Uppers
  • Vent for MicroWave Installed over/in upper Cabinets
  • MicroWave Installed
  • All Lowers and placed and attached to the walls, ready for counter tops 
  • Vent for Cook Top Installed
  • Laundry Counter Top and Sink completely installed - works !
  • Kitchen Counter Top Joined and installed, all cutouts for Sinks and Cook Top are ready.
  • Finished Installing Counter Tops and Hardware.
  • DONE
  • 100%

Laundry Cabinets

Insulate the Low Bay Fold up Door, Install Weather boot at the bottom
  • DONE
  • 100%
Insulate and Finish the Window Step in the Apartment
  • Not Started
  • 0%
Install the Shop Vacuum System
  • Conduit Ran to Power Box near Final Location
  • 5%
Install a new Air Compressor and Air Lines to the Shop
  • Conduit and Most Air Lines Installed
  • Compressor Received, It need a new pallet made, Power Cord and Air connections
  • Electricity is Now Installed, only one Equipment Ground Lug need to be installed
  • Compressor Installed, Hooked up and now being used
  • DONE
  • Only the air lines need to be extended into LowBay when Vacuum is Installed.
  • 99%

Install small Electric Heater in the High Bay
  •  Mounting Bracket Made 
  • Bracket was now Installed.
  • A special Mounting Bolts purchased
  • Conduit Installed and Wired
  • DONE
  • 100%


The items marked DONE, have be completed, other status provided.

Publish Date of the Blog Entry will reflect a Status Update.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Well Work

Last year the pipes around the Hanger Well were covered with tarps and included a heater to avoid freezing.

This last week, my son and I worked move the pipes underground. The task was bigger then necessary as we took the opportunity to replace old aluminium wire with copper wire for power to the Well. The new power will also power the Shop's Three-Phase Rotary Converter, which will be located there for noise abatement.

The Pressure Switch for the well will be located in the Shop, a relay will be at the well area to drive the pump starter circuit.

Likewise, the on/off control for the Rotary Converter will be in the Shop, while a relay and the Starter Circuit will be at the Well area.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Tags 2003 - 2011 RIP

My Dog Tags passed away today.

Tags was my first of my current two dogs, she was taken by my Xwife when we divorced. Tags loved to play fetch and chase balls or Rocks, everything was a fetch game for her. Tags taught Tess (my second/current dog) how to be a real dog when Tess was still a pup. Tess always knew that Tags was the Teacher and let Tags take the lead on all chases.

Tags will be buried here at the HangerShop.

It is funny how somethings hurt so much more then others, maybe even more important things.

Tags will be missed! RIP