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For reference in this blog: Chip is my Son, and Carolyn is my Sister.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More Shop Work Done

Chip and I finished most of the "current" planned work on the Shop; Shelves are up, Conduit to from the Loft to the Electronics Shop is installed, all electrical work is done, Heaters are installed.

Now it is time to organize and put things away on the shelves and arrange the tools around the Lath and Mill. In the Electronic Shop, the hand tools will be put on hooks/holes for easy access and supplies/parts will be organized.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time to Catch Up

Time to catch up, Chip and I have been reworking the power and installing insulation in the LowBay shop area. I now have power panels one each for; the Welding Area, the North Wall, The Mill and Lathe Area, and the Electronic Shop. We install lots of plugs around the perimeter and down the center over head. It is nice to NOT have to use extension cords for everything. I have planed for and did initial previsions for a dedicated 3-Phase converter panel (to be installed later).

The Conduits from the Loft almost connects it to the Electronic Shop, the last sections of conduit have not been installed.

We finished the wall between the Machine Shop Area and the Electronics Shop. Without windows, its a little dark, but we install some good bright lighting.

Many shelves for the LowBay have been installed for both the Machine Shop Area and in the Electronics Shop.

The next and last major improvements will include Electric Space Heaters, The Bottom Seals and Foam Insulation Panels to cover the LowBay Big Door. Note: the Heaters will be controlled via the light switch - when the lights are turned off, the heat will go to low temp mode. The walls are well insulated and should hold the heat.

In the Pacific Northwest, Electric Heat is about $.08/kW - therefore it is about the same as propane for the same amount of heat.

The Power Panel for the HighBay has been replaced, and with the addition of better control for the lights via mode switches.

One of my next tasks will be to unpack and load the shelves - it will be nice to access my screw supplies without scrounging around in packing boxes.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

A week of Hanger Work

OK, what was I thinking, two of the conduits that Chip and I installed were too short, by 2 inches, DANG. It was my fault, I measured once and cut three time.

I plan on install other power conduit later in the shop, so no loss, I will just plan on buying replacement and  use the short ones some where else.

Chip and I extended power and light circuits to the crib on the other side of the Hanger - It had not had light before and therefore that space had been somewhat useless, but now it is a great asset.

We finished the access ports to the attic area on each side of the loft. and install a cover to the High Bay rafters. The Loft is no longer drafty. It will not have it's own heat as the heat will naturally rise from the apartment below.

Chip brought up his tractor and brush hog, I spent Friday cleaning up brush and grass around the Hanger, while he took down item from the North wall in the Low Bay, and started installing insulation. Next week we should be able to finish that wall. It will be nice to have insulation for winter.

We scraped up some rocks from the drive to flush in the bump and the edge of the new drive apron - there is still a slight bump, but it's OK.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working on the Hanger/Shop

Chip has had time off from work (slow job market) and suggested that he and I should start catching up on a few tasks that I have had on-hold around the Hanger.

Monday we framed-in and foamed-in the four Skylight Holes that have never been completed or installed in the Office Loft. Heat was leaking in and out of the unfinished holes - the actual skylights will be install if and when the roof is replaced.

We started building covers for the two attic access ports which are about 2x3 feet in size. The ports have been covered with plastic and leaked a lot of heat in or out, but always in the wrong direction (i.e., hot in summer, cold in winter). The ports are now going to be covered with a wood framed doors with four inches of foil faced foam insulation. We glued foil around the cut edges and will provide simple four screws attachments to the port frames. The HighBay access overhead door received the same treatment and will look the same from inside the Loft.

Today was a short day, Chip had to go to the dentist. But we were able to finish the attic and HighBay overhead access doors.  Good news! The Loft no longer leaks expensive heat to the outside.

We spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how we could run tree conduits from the Loft to the LowBay Shop below through the apartment. The lower level shop has suffered from lack of Internet connectivity and the Loft has not had easy access to out-side antennas.  I need three 1.5 inch conduits between levels.

The walls do not provide easy access between the two levels. We can up with a very cleaver solution - but I will only show a person who actually visits the shop, assuming they can't find it in plane sight. The installation will be completed maybe tomorrow.

It was good to start working on the shop again !!!!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Driveway Apron Installed

Today I had a Driveway Apron installed as per the home owners requirements. It will be tomorrow before I can drive on it. Later next week the installers will return to rock the near-side, to match the current grade.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Ant and The Conduit

The "ant" (see previous post) is still running around on my desk, I am not sure what it eats, but it is still as energetic as ever. I saw second ant on the floor the other day, and decided to spray around the corners of loft, but this one ant (or it's sister) has survived.

As posted on my "Ham Radio Blog" I am still looking for a way to provide Network and RF connections from the loft to the Electronic Shop, two levels below. The latest desired location has a Septic Vent in the way.

There does not seam to be a way to run a conduit down through the walls. I may have to resort to putting the conduit in the corner of the laundry. I was wanting to avoid that location as cabinets will be install in that location someday.

This Blog has a "New Look", thanks to Google Blog Dev Team for providing new style Templates.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

An Ant

When I first started working in the Hanger I had a few (a lot) of very small "ants" around my chair in the apartment. They had to go - a little RAID took care of the problem.

Yet, when I set up my desk in the loft, I noticed a single large red/brown "ant" roaming around on the top of the desk and over the monitor shelf. For the last few weeks the same "ant" has stayed on the desk just wandering around. Or at least, I hope there is only one because I have not killed it. I hope "they" are not many, and I am just seeing be beginnings of the main invasion.

For now, I will let the "ant" live, at least until I see another at the same time.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost in the Move

During my move to the Hanger, I had saved away many small important things that I wanted to make sure were readily available upon finish.  There were several medicine bottles, old laptop disk drives, some thumb drives and many other small things.  I had all of these things in stacks in the Master Bed Room on the floor in boxes, thinking that I would move them last and therefore it would be easy to keep track of them - NOT!

We have looked for the representative Large Tylenol bottle and other things, and have not found them as of yet.

Carolyn thinks this "good stuff" may have be sent to the dump!

She cleaned up at the last minutes from the Master Bed Room and used a previously discarded "clear bedding container" as a box to collect the remaining articles from the room. I had seen and used the "bedding container" before to collect trash for the load going to the dump.

We moved that last minute things out of the house and onto the porch, I may have tossed what I thought was the trash in the "bedding container" onto the load that went to the dump!

I sure hope NOT, and I hope the items turn up SOON.


Friday, May 14, 2010

First PlasmaCAM Parts Cut at the Hanger/Shop

Weather: Very Sunny and Mild

Chip and Carolyn came to the Shop today.

Chip wanted my help to cut some patterns on the PlasmaCAM for building an adapter for his tractor. My PlasmaCAM was not set-up for use yet (following the move). The Files that Chip needed were on my Shop Network Server - which also had not been unpacked or set-up. Some of the parts for the Server were in unknown boxes on one of many racks (large shelves).

I was hoping that the currently installed Plasma Cutter "Consumable" (cutting tips) were good enough for this project, as there is no telling where NEW replacements are located in the Shop!

The first task was locate all the Tools, network cords and Severs. Also, the PlasmaCAM Workstation also had to be located and setup. Nothing seemed to work as it should on initial "turn-on". The network IP Address had to be change to work with the LAN system supplied by the new ISP. The Router, DHCP, Samba, File Server and most things just refused to work together.  A lot of time was consumed just trying to get a minimal working configuration.

The Wireless Router Security was giving us grief, But, in the end, we set the Wireless Router (WAP) to "no security" and at least we could get the files for Chip's Project. With everything limping along, it did not take much to cut the 1/4 steel plate into the needed parts. The cutter consumables were serviceable for this task. The PlasmaCAM is a great tool for this type of task. I wish I had someone that needed a lot of parts that I could cut for profit.

While Chip and I worked on cutting parts, Carolyn wanted to help organize the pantry and food supplies.  I saw what she had done before she and Chip left for the day.  Later I took another look, and now realize the magnitude of her efforts and organization, I now can find things in the pantry MUCH better and can see what is needed for resupplies. She also did many of the house hold chores that I have thus far neglected - Thanks Carolyn.

One benefit of today effort, my Shop Network is coming together, and more of my Shop Office and HAM Shack is taking shape.

Thanks, guys!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Desks are in the Loft

Weather has been cool, but clear and very nice.

My Desk and Radio Station Workbench and now put together and in the loft. Ready to receive the supporting materials (stuff) and ready for normal use.

The Internet, Local Lan, Power  and Antenna cables will be installed as needed.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Carpet Installed in the Loft

A very nice day, cool in the shade, warm in the sun, with bellowing white clouds.

The carpet installers were here this AM to install the carpet in the loft. It took about 3 hours. They did a great job, it really looks good.

After the installers finished, Chip was here and helped move my Desk and the Amateur Radio Station Table to the loft.

The Desk had been taken apart several days ago and just waiting for the loft floor to be finished.

I built the Station Table many years ago but had not used it for several years - it has been in storage at the Hanger.  I thought that it would never be used again, but the loft will be the right place to reassemble and use it.

With the bright sunny day and no rain, I was able to return to the roof to install the Cell Phone Booster Antenna - it now temporary connected up and working. Soon I will be able to install the longer cable and move the amplifier to it's permeate location.

It is good to see progress in the Hanger/Shop! - Thanks to Chip.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shop Reorganisaton

Some Clearing and with some rain - mild temp, very little wind.

The last two day my Chip has helped reorganised the High Bay in the Hanger. We have eliminated another 9 pallets by unwrapping them and putting way (or through way) the contents. This job would have taken me several weeks without Chip's help - Thanks Chip!

With this effort the center of the High Bay is now open which allows me to turn the forklift around in the centre, with space to work and maybe put the truck inside if needed.

The Low Bay (the actual Shop) is still jammed packed with moving container and stacked tools. Several more days will be needed to start the effort on this space.

We also installed the flashing around the chimney. This task had to be done before carpets could be installed in the loft, as water was leaking (a little) into the wall and a little onto the floor of the loft. I hope it dries out without rotting or molding.

After Chip left for the day, I went back up on the roof and installed a antenna tripod for the Cell Phone Repeater - I am hoping when completely installed I will be able to get reliable Cell service inside the Hanger and Shop. The rain returned before I was able to finish the installation. The roof gets slick when it gets wet and it is about 16 feet to the eave line to the ground, which would make for a nasty fall. I will continue when the roof is dry.

The carpet sales person was supposed to be here today, but the got lost and could not find the Hanger, they have rescheduled for 8AM tomorrow. This time I will meet them at the gate.

With our progress, I am feeling much better about the prospects of have a usable Shop again.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Storm with Falling Trees

Lots Wind and a little Rain.

Chip came up to help with the Shop Reorganisation. I was very windy with some rain.  Several time we watch and heard tree fall or break. The wind was from the West-Northwest and therefore the Hanger was not in much danger.

Before finishing for the day, Chip noticed that one of the Tree Top's was laying across the drive way. We went to check it out and found it to be much larger than expected. The Tree Top was about 12 inches at the butt and about 40 feet tall, it had broke in a couple of place as a result of the fall. Hemlocks are know for this behaviour.

Chip's truck and chains were necessary to remove the Tree Top, just so that we could leave the property.

Electricity was off for must of the afternoon, we had to use the generator to lower the Hanger Door. I left before the electricity was restored.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rain Today

More rain today, can not move things out of the Hanger to continue major reorganisation.

Tess and I are setting around resting and working on only some simple Shop Organisation projects.

This is a good day to work on my Blogs.

Not a Lot of Progress

Well, I am NOW completely moved into the Hanger, with lots of stuff everywhere. There is almost too much stuff to move around.  On good clear days I can move many of the pallets outside to have space to continue organising and putting things away.

Several things "To be Done" that will help the progress;
  1. Installing the block-n-tackle in the rafters near the front door. Groceries would be lifted via hooks to the apartment in one simple load, instead of climbing the twenty steps with each group of sacks.
  2. Have carpet installed in the loft, and move my office and desks up there and free up space on the Hanger floor. - DONE
  3. Clean the south outside concrete slab and move outside things out of the Hanger.
  4. Move the bigger power tools to their planned location.
  5. Figure out the Electronics Shop Layout
  6. Find a place for Paints, Cans and Chemicals
  7. Take some trash and things to the dump -DONE
  8. Replace the temporary bed with something more suitable
  9. On a clear day, fix the flashing around the chimney - DONE
  10. And,   .   .
This effort will continue for sometime.

Things will be marked "DONE" when they are completed.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Office Desk

The apartment's loft (office) has never been finished, the finished flooring has not been installed, it has been covered with plastic for the last 15 years.  My sister, Carolyn, did me a favour and removed all of the plastic in preparation on doing something about finishing the floor.

With the loft floor in the starting stages of progress, I decided I needed to try to take my oak desk apart, as it will not fit up the stairs to the loft in one piece.  I thought it  was glued together, but just a few lot of screws. Getting this task done, mean just that much more space in the High Bay as two or three shelves will be empted and moved to the loft.

Now to figure out what to cover the plywood floor? Carpet, wood or just a clear finish?

The loft will be my Hanger Shop Office and Formal Ham Station - and with the addition of a cot a spare bedroom, if and when needed.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Nine High Bay Lights

Thanks to my Son and Sister (Carolyn), all nine Shop High Bay Lights are installed, and working.  With about 1 minute of warm-up they provide good light.  The Lights are Outdoor 65watt CFL's from Lowe's Hardare, they are mounted at the 21 foot level. More light at shop floor level would be better, but these will work for now.

Installed High Bay Lights

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two More High Bay Lights

I purchased two more High Bay Lights, but when I got them home, one was crushed inside the Cardboard box - it will be returned.

I did some experiments building a shield using sheet metal flashing, but so far it looks like a lot of work for a 360 degree shade.  I may decide to just buy chimney rain collers.

I worked on the lawn mower, it has been missing on one cylinder for a long time - I just had not had time to fix it before.  I cleaned the plugs - it started up on both cylinders, but then a large cloud of smoke came out of the exhaust. The smoke is from oil that had driped into the cylinder with out it firing.  Too much smoke to continue running for now in daylight.  I know the problem, the oil is diluted with gas from the fuel pump, which has filled up the oil sump - it should be drained and new oil installed.  The fuel pump must be leaking into the oil sump - again.  I would like to replace the stock fuel pump with an electric so this problem can be forever avoided.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hanger Door Problem and Solution

While Jeff was here at the Shop today, the main Hanger Door stopped working - again!

This time I know where to start looking for the problem - I decided to jumper-out the anti-theft delay timer - everything started working correctly.

Now I will have to replace the timer to get proper delayed open action.


Some High Bay Lighting Experiments

I purchased another Outdoor 65W CFL to try some shade experiments for the High Bay Lighting.  This is the second of what will be a minimum of nine if all goes well.

Jeff - KO7M - came by and helped me install the new light in the High Bay. Jeff operated the Forklift while I was up on the forks at the 21 foot level at the ceiling. He has never ran a forklift before, but is a quick study and all went well.

The thing that I wanted to try was using a  round "chimney rain shield" as a shade/reflector for the light.  With the test complete - I think it will work quit well.  The rain shield are about $11.00 online - I may be able to build something cheaper with normal sheet metal flashing.

The need for the shield is that it prevents a flood of light into the apartment at eye level - which is very distracting or worse.

Thanks, Jeff for the help


High Bay Lighting

Problem and Status

The High Bay Lighting is 15 years old and six of the 9, 300 watt bulbs, have burned out - what is more, the bulb elements are no longer available.

I have found "Outdoor 65 watt CFL" lights that may work for general lighting in the High Bay, they produce nice bright white light at 6500K and they are instant-on because of the ballast (I think). They are about $30 at the local build supply store.

The only real problem with them is they provide too much light at the Apartment level as they are at eye level while standing in the Apartment, a shade in that direction will be necessary.


Low Bay Heating

Problem and Status

My hanger is in the shade of tree most of the day, and therefore it stays cool or cold most of the time.  To work in the lower bay (under the apartment) some heat will be necessary.

Previously I had installed a "block burner" to help heat the low bay, but it and the chimney was removed for other property (the Ranch Shop). 

During the move I found time late in the evening to reinstall a chimney and hook up the retrieved "block burner" and now I have some heat for the low bay.

Some new chimney element were necessary, but the went together without too much trouble.

I have been saving block and scraps of wood to burn.

Later, I plan to install "Propane" to heat the low bay and the above Apartment. Currently I am using Electricity to heat the Apartment. The Apartment is well insulated but I have not received my first electric bill yet to see the damages.


Hanger Doors

Problem and Status

After setting idel for the last 15 years the Large Hanger Door would not open reliablely. The up and down latching control relays would not latch to provide power for the door operation.

This was a real pain for the last 100 days as I was moving, manual holding in of the relays was necessary to operate the doors.  The door operation takes about a minute to open - hold the relay by hand was done on a ladder up about 10 feet.

I tried to trouble shoot the problem, but with the time available did not find or fix the problem.

Yesterday, I spent about 3 hours on ladders checking the door control circuits. And, as you would expect I found the problem the last place I checked - a blade connector was intermitting at on the relay delay circuit device.  A quick pinch of the clip connector fixed the problem.

The Doors works as normal from the connivance of the remote switch station near the doors.  This is GRAND!


Well Pump and Water System

The Problem and Status

The well and pump has not been used in about 15 years, and it was not completely installed. The water pressure switch at the well needed to be hooked up, but was temporary while I was moving in.  The pressure tank is located in the Shop about 60 feet away - which is problem. The pump and tank are too far apart for proper operation - I had to restrict the well head flow to avoid "Slugging" within the feed water plumbing. Again, a temporary fix was to restrict the water connection to the pressure switch and install a rise pipe (an air chamber) at the switch. Now the pump can run full flow to the remote pressure tank.

As it turns out, this may be the final configuration (even though I may change the implementation) as this saves me from having to build a larger pump house to hold the pressure tank and then plan to heat it in the winter.  With this configuration only a small pump house will be needed.

The well is 160 feet deep and 8 inches in diameter  with a (poor) refill rate of 2 gal per minute. It does fill to about 20 feet from the top. The well can be drained in 30 minutes at 10 gal per minutes.  This is not much, but will be OK for my Hanger and Apartment.

It is nice to have reliable showers, bathroom and wash machine water.

I will live with the current configuration until summer.


Why This Blog

This blog is not intended for the general public, it is notes to myself and history for my Grand Kids, But, all blog readers are welcome.

It is a "log" of my progress of setting up my Shop and Hanger for my own use.

Due to a divorce of 42 years, I have moved my work Shop and personal property to my previously own Hanger with a small apartment.

I will be only spending some of my time here, because I will be spending most of my time on my Boat.

This blog is a place to save my Shop Goals and Progress, and a place to save Web Links for later use.