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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Ant and The Conduit

The "ant" (see previous post) is still running around on my desk, I am not sure what it eats, but it is still as energetic as ever. I saw second ant on the floor the other day, and decided to spray around the corners of loft, but this one ant (or it's sister) has survived.

As posted on my "Ham Radio Blog" I am still looking for a way to provide Network and RF connections from the loft to the Electronic Shop, two levels below. The latest desired location has a Septic Vent in the way.

There does not seam to be a way to run a conduit down through the walls. I may have to resort to putting the conduit in the corner of the laundry. I was wanting to avoid that location as cabinets will be install in that location someday.

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