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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working on the Hanger/Shop

Chip has had time off from work (slow job market) and suggested that he and I should start catching up on a few tasks that I have had on-hold around the Hanger.

Monday we framed-in and foamed-in the four Skylight Holes that have never been completed or installed in the Office Loft. Heat was leaking in and out of the unfinished holes - the actual skylights will be install if and when the roof is replaced.

We started building covers for the two attic access ports which are about 2x3 feet in size. The ports have been covered with plastic and leaked a lot of heat in or out, but always in the wrong direction (i.e., hot in summer, cold in winter). The ports are now going to be covered with a wood framed doors with four inches of foil faced foam insulation. We glued foil around the cut edges and will provide simple four screws attachments to the port frames. The HighBay access overhead door received the same treatment and will look the same from inside the Loft.

Today was a short day, Chip had to go to the dentist. But we were able to finish the attic and HighBay overhead access doors.  Good news! The Loft no longer leaks expensive heat to the outside.

We spent a good deal of time trying to figure out how we could run tree conduits from the Loft to the LowBay Shop below through the apartment. The lower level shop has suffered from lack of Internet connectivity and the Loft has not had easy access to out-side antennas.  I need three 1.5 inch conduits between levels.

The walls do not provide easy access between the two levels. We can up with a very cleaver solution - but I will only show a person who actually visits the shop, assuming they can't find it in plane sight. The installation will be completed maybe tomorrow.

It was good to start working on the shop again !!!!!

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