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Saturday, October 2, 2010

A week of Hanger Work

OK, what was I thinking, two of the conduits that Chip and I installed were too short, by 2 inches, DANG. It was my fault, I measured once and cut three time.

I plan on install other power conduit later in the shop, so no loss, I will just plan on buying replacement and  use the short ones some where else.

Chip and I extended power and light circuits to the crib on the other side of the Hanger - It had not had light before and therefore that space had been somewhat useless, but now it is a great asset.

We finished the access ports to the attic area on each side of the loft. and install a cover to the High Bay rafters. The Loft is no longer drafty. It will not have it's own heat as the heat will naturally rise from the apartment below.

Chip brought up his tractor and brush hog, I spent Friday cleaning up brush and grass around the Hanger, while he took down item from the North wall in the Low Bay, and started installing insulation. Next week we should be able to finish that wall. It will be nice to have insulation for winter.

We scraped up some rocks from the drive to flush in the bump and the edge of the new drive apron - there is still a slight bump, but it's OK.


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