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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time to Catch Up

Time to catch up, Chip and I have been reworking the power and installing insulation in the LowBay shop area. I now have power panels one each for; the Welding Area, the North Wall, The Mill and Lathe Area, and the Electronic Shop. We install lots of plugs around the perimeter and down the center over head. It is nice to NOT have to use extension cords for everything. I have planed for and did initial previsions for a dedicated 3-Phase converter panel (to be installed later).

The Conduits from the Loft almost connects it to the Electronic Shop, the last sections of conduit have not been installed.

We finished the wall between the Machine Shop Area and the Electronics Shop. Without windows, its a little dark, but we install some good bright lighting.

Many shelves for the LowBay have been installed for both the Machine Shop Area and in the Electronics Shop.

The next and last major improvements will include Electric Space Heaters, The Bottom Seals and Foam Insulation Panels to cover the LowBay Big Door. Note: the Heaters will be controlled via the light switch - when the lights are turned off, the heat will go to low temp mode. The walls are well insulated and should hold the heat.

In the Pacific Northwest, Electric Heat is about $.08/kW - therefore it is about the same as propane for the same amount of heat.

The Power Panel for the HighBay has been replaced, and with the addition of better control for the lights via mode switches.

One of my next tasks will be to unpack and load the shelves - it will be nice to access my screw supplies without scrounging around in packing boxes.


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