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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Carpet Installed in the Loft

A very nice day, cool in the shade, warm in the sun, with bellowing white clouds.

The carpet installers were here this AM to install the carpet in the loft. It took about 3 hours. They did a great job, it really looks good.

After the installers finished, Chip was here and helped move my Desk and the Amateur Radio Station Table to the loft.

The Desk had been taken apart several days ago and just waiting for the loft floor to be finished.

I built the Station Table many years ago but had not used it for several years - it has been in storage at the Hanger.  I thought that it would never be used again, but the loft will be the right place to reassemble and use it.

With the bright sunny day and no rain, I was able to return to the roof to install the Cell Phone Booster Antenna - it now temporary connected up and working. Soon I will be able to install the longer cable and move the amplifier to it's permeate location.

It is good to see progress in the Hanger/Shop! - Thanks to Chip.


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