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Friday, May 14, 2010

First PlasmaCAM Parts Cut at the Hanger/Shop

Weather: Very Sunny and Mild

Chip and Carolyn came to the Shop today.

Chip wanted my help to cut some patterns on the PlasmaCAM for building an adapter for his tractor. My PlasmaCAM was not set-up for use yet (following the move). The Files that Chip needed were on my Shop Network Server - which also had not been unpacked or set-up. Some of the parts for the Server were in unknown boxes on one of many racks (large shelves).

I was hoping that the currently installed Plasma Cutter "Consumable" (cutting tips) were good enough for this project, as there is no telling where NEW replacements are located in the Shop!

The first task was locate all the Tools, network cords and Severs. Also, the PlasmaCAM Workstation also had to be located and setup. Nothing seemed to work as it should on initial "turn-on". The network IP Address had to be change to work with the LAN system supplied by the new ISP. The Router, DHCP, Samba, File Server and most things just refused to work together.  A lot of time was consumed just trying to get a minimal working configuration.

The Wireless Router Security was giving us grief, But, in the end, we set the Wireless Router (WAP) to "no security" and at least we could get the files for Chip's Project. With everything limping along, it did not take much to cut the 1/4 steel plate into the needed parts. The cutter consumables were serviceable for this task. The PlasmaCAM is a great tool for this type of task. I wish I had someone that needed a lot of parts that I could cut for profit.

While Chip and I worked on cutting parts, Carolyn wanted to help organize the pantry and food supplies.  I saw what she had done before she and Chip left for the day.  Later I took another look, and now realize the magnitude of her efforts and organization, I now can find things in the pantry MUCH better and can see what is needed for resupplies. She also did many of the house hold chores that I have thus far neglected - Thanks Carolyn.

One benefit of today effort, my Shop Network is coming together, and more of my Shop Office and HAM Shack is taking shape.

Thanks, guys!


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