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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost in the Move

During my move to the Hanger, I had saved away many small important things that I wanted to make sure were readily available upon finish.  There were several medicine bottles, old laptop disk drives, some thumb drives and many other small things.  I had all of these things in stacks in the Master Bed Room on the floor in boxes, thinking that I would move them last and therefore it would be easy to keep track of them - NOT!

We have looked for the representative Large Tylenol bottle and other things, and have not found them as of yet.

Carolyn thinks this "good stuff" may have be sent to the dump!

She cleaned up at the last minutes from the Master Bed Room and used a previously discarded "clear bedding container" as a box to collect the remaining articles from the room. I had seen and used the "bedding container" before to collect trash for the load going to the dump.

We moved that last minute things out of the house and onto the porch, I may have tossed what I thought was the trash in the "bedding container" onto the load that went to the dump!

I sure hope NOT, and I hope the items turn up SOON.


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