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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shop Reorganisaton

Some Clearing and with some rain - mild temp, very little wind.

The last two day my Chip has helped reorganised the High Bay in the Hanger. We have eliminated another 9 pallets by unwrapping them and putting way (or through way) the contents. This job would have taken me several weeks without Chip's help - Thanks Chip!

With this effort the center of the High Bay is now open which allows me to turn the forklift around in the centre, with space to work and maybe put the truck inside if needed.

The Low Bay (the actual Shop) is still jammed packed with moving container and stacked tools. Several more days will be needed to start the effort on this space.

We also installed the flashing around the chimney. This task had to be done before carpets could be installed in the loft, as water was leaking (a little) into the wall and a little onto the floor of the loft. I hope it dries out without rotting or molding.

After Chip left for the day, I went back up on the roof and installed a antenna tripod for the Cell Phone Repeater - I am hoping when completely installed I will be able to get reliable Cell service inside the Hanger and Shop. The rain returned before I was able to finish the installation. The roof gets slick when it gets wet and it is about 16 feet to the eave line to the ground, which would make for a nasty fall. I will continue when the roof is dry.

The carpet sales person was supposed to be here today, but the got lost and could not find the Hanger, they have rescheduled for 8AM tomorrow. This time I will meet them at the gate.

With our progress, I am feeling much better about the prospects of have a usable Shop again.


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