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For reference in this blog: Chip is my Son, and Carolyn is my Sister.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Storm with Falling Trees

Lots Wind and a little Rain.

Chip came up to help with the Shop Reorganisation. I was very windy with some rain.  Several time we watch and heard tree fall or break. The wind was from the West-Northwest and therefore the Hanger was not in much danger.

Before finishing for the day, Chip noticed that one of the Tree Top's was laying across the drive way. We went to check it out and found it to be much larger than expected. The Tree Top was about 12 inches at the butt and about 40 feet tall, it had broke in a couple of place as a result of the fall. Hemlocks are know for this behaviour.

Chip's truck and chains were necessary to remove the Tree Top, just so that we could leave the property.

Electricity was off for must of the afternoon, we had to use the generator to lower the Hanger Door. I left before the electricity was restored.


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