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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Low Bay Heating

Problem and Status

My hanger is in the shade of tree most of the day, and therefore it stays cool or cold most of the time.  To work in the lower bay (under the apartment) some heat will be necessary.

Previously I had installed a "block burner" to help heat the low bay, but it and the chimney was removed for other property (the Ranch Shop). 

During the move I found time late in the evening to reinstall a chimney and hook up the retrieved "block burner" and now I have some heat for the low bay.

Some new chimney element were necessary, but the went together without too much trouble.

I have been saving block and scraps of wood to burn.

Later, I plan to install "Propane" to heat the low bay and the above Apartment. Currently I am using Electricity to heat the Apartment. The Apartment is well insulated but I have not received my first electric bill yet to see the damages.


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