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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two More High Bay Lights

I purchased two more High Bay Lights, but when I got them home, one was crushed inside the Cardboard box - it will be returned.

I did some experiments building a shield using sheet metal flashing, but so far it looks like a lot of work for a 360 degree shade.  I may decide to just buy chimney rain collers.

I worked on the lawn mower, it has been missing on one cylinder for a long time - I just had not had time to fix it before.  I cleaned the plugs - it started up on both cylinders, but then a large cloud of smoke came out of the exhaust. The smoke is from oil that had driped into the cylinder with out it firing.  Too much smoke to continue running for now in daylight.  I know the problem, the oil is diluted with gas from the fuel pump, which has filled up the oil sump - it should be drained and new oil installed.  The fuel pump must be leaking into the oil sump - again.  I would like to replace the stock fuel pump with an electric so this problem can be forever avoided.


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