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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Office Desk

The apartment's loft (office) has never been finished, the finished flooring has not been installed, it has been covered with plastic for the last 15 years.  My sister, Carolyn, did me a favour and removed all of the plastic in preparation on doing something about finishing the floor.

With the loft floor in the starting stages of progress, I decided I needed to try to take my oak desk apart, as it will not fit up the stairs to the loft in one piece.  I thought it  was glued together, but just a few lot of screws. Getting this task done, mean just that much more space in the High Bay as two or three shelves will be empted and moved to the loft.

Now to figure out what to cover the plywood floor? Carpet, wood or just a clear finish?

The loft will be my Hanger Shop Office and Formal Ham Station - and with the addition of a cot a spare bedroom, if and when needed.


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