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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some High Bay Lighting Experiments

I purchased another Outdoor 65W CFL to try some shade experiments for the High Bay Lighting.  This is the second of what will be a minimum of nine if all goes well.

Jeff - KO7M - came by and helped me install the new light in the High Bay. Jeff operated the Forklift while I was up on the forks at the 21 foot level at the ceiling. He has never ran a forklift before, but is a quick study and all went well.

The thing that I wanted to try was using a  round "chimney rain shield" as a shade/reflector for the light.  With the test complete - I think it will work quit well.  The rain shield are about $11.00 online - I may be able to build something cheaper with normal sheet metal flashing.

The need for the shield is that it prevents a flood of light into the apartment at eye level - which is very distracting or worse.

Thanks, Jeff for the help


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