This blog is not intended for the General Public, But all blog readers are Welcome.

This is mostly Notes and Links for myself,
and maybe someday, this will provide insight and a bit of history for all the kids that call me Grandpa;
NutMeg, C-Kid, Z-Man, Lulu, and Dabbers,
I-Man and O-Man,
J-Man and S-Man,
Nat, A-Girl, and J-Boy.

For reference in this blog: Chip is my Son, and Carolyn is my Sister.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why This Blog

This blog is not intended for the general public, it is notes to myself and history for my Grand Kids, But, all blog readers are welcome.

It is a "log" of my progress of setting up my Shop and Hanger for my own use.

Due to a divorce of 42 years, I have moved my work Shop and personal property to my previously own Hanger with a small apartment.

I will be only spending some of my time here, because I will be spending most of my time on my Boat.

This blog is a place to save my Shop Goals and Progress, and a place to save Web Links for later use.


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